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The FI Test- und Messtechnik GmbH i. L. offered advice and products for non-destructive testing (NDT) based on microwaves. Applications: test of dielectric parts, i.e.parts which are made from electrically non-conducting material. Often the regular products are adjusted by us to customer needs.

Furthermore, the FIT-M developed products based on sensitive magnetic measurements.

Hand-held Scanner FHS

The hand-held scanner FHS1 is used for the non-destructive testing of parts which are electrically non-conducting. It consists of a scan module and a laptop as control and display module. Between both modules there is a wireless communication via Bluetooth. The scan module is fixed on the surface of the device under test by vacuum suction cups. The sensor can be guided by hand across an area of about 300 mm x 300 mm. Then a planar image of the reflection coefficient develops which shows the distribution of inhomogeneities under the surface of the device.

Hand-held scanner FHS1 used to test an absorber tower of a refinery

Hand-held scanner FHS1 used to test an absorber tower of a refinery

Test Instrument FMH

The FMH allows for non-destructive testing of parts made from electrically non-conducting materials. These include

  • plastics
  • glass
  • glass-fibre reinforced plastics GFRP
  • natural-fibre reinforce plastics NFRP
  • foams
  • ceramics
  • wood
  • enamel

and composites based on these materials.

The FMH is a stand-alone instrument. It includes a microwave module as well as a control and display module. Therefore, in basic functions it can be used without additional instruments. For detailed user-specific evaluations and for the documentation of test results an analogue interface, and, as an option, an interface to an eddy current system are available.

The FMH uses low power microwaves. For optimum spatial resolution and optimum observation depth various applicators (antennas) are available.


The FMH is a test instrument for use

  • as a handheld device
  • in a fixed position
  • installed in moving scan equipment

Eddy Current Adapter FVG

Eddy current testing is used to inspect metallic parts. The Eddy Current Adapter FVG extends the usability of eddy current inspection systems such that they can also be used to detect defects in insulating parts.

The adapter uses a frequency of 24 GHz with which the part is inspected. The eddy current system perceives the adapter like an eddy current sensor. In this way the control and evaluation functions of the eddy current system can be used.

The adapter is an inspection tool with microwave head

  • for stationary use
  • for use in scanning systems

Eddy Current Adapter FVG for a MAUS system

Defectoscopy of non-conducting parts

The FIT-M offers user specific, production integrated inspection systems to detect defects in parts made from non-conducting material. Examples are plastics, glass fiber reinforces plastics, wood, ceramics etc.

Inspection system for leaf springs made from glass fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), see N23e

Magnetoscopy: User specific inspection systems to detect minute ferromagnetic inclusion

Magnetoscopic scanner for bore holes in Nickel based alloys

Non-magnetic alloys may include parasitic minute ferromagnetic inclusions. These can impair their functioning or their reliability. Examples are aero engine discs made from Nickel based alloys. The FIT-M offers user specific inspection systems for the detection of such inclusions.

The paint thickness gauge FSC1 measures the thickness of paint and other insulating layers on substrates such as carbon fiber reinforces plastic  (CFRP), grid type metallic lightning protection, and on metal. Please see the application notes N32e, N33e, and N34e. The FSC1/7 can be used up to 500 µm. The FSC1000 can be used up to 1000 µm.

The FSC1 is patent pending: US 9,395,172 B2 and EP2807448